Folding & Inserting made easier for as
little as $15 a month*!

Having your mail folded and sealed accurately at a constant speed, is crucial for the fluidity of your business processes. Pitney Bowes Relay inserting series, is the simple solution for folding and inserting your mail rapidly and precisely.  

Experience greater mail accuracy:pitney_bowes_relay_inserter_1.png

  • Outstanding speed: Folds, inserts and seals up to 5,400 pieces per hour
  • Convenient way to automate everyday mailings
  • Self-installable
  • Proven reliability
  • Flexibility to handle multiple fold types, page sizes and out envelope sizes
  • Cost and time savings by eliminating the need- and inaccuracies- of sorting by hand
  • Remarkable accuracy

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*Prices vary depending on machines and needs. $15/mo. starting price for  PB DM100i